BOK Information Entries

Results for open event at Umstead North – Sept 30

We had good weather for orienteering on Sunday. With all the recent rain, the mosquitoes were almost like helicopters which meant that runners were encouraged to keep moving! There was one problem for runners on blue, I had renumbered control 75 so that the actual control was 50, but I had failed to update the […]

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Open event at Umstead North – Sept 30

We will have an OPEN event at Umstead Park North on Sunday September 30, 2018. Everyone is welcome. The event starts at noon. We will have a beginners class at 12:30. Last starts at 2 PM. Everybody must finish by 3 PM. We will have all regular courses from beginner to expert, White through Blue. […]

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How to interpret the results

When you look at the posted results there is a dizzying array of numbers. This article will help you make sense of them. If you want to know how to see how you compared to others on each leg of the event, then read on…

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