Radio Orienteering

Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF)

Welcome to Radio-O.  Here is how it works! We provide a radio receiver with a directional antenna, an orienteering map, a compass, and a finger stick. By pointing the antenna and listening to the signal you can determine the direction of the signal.  Using this information you navigate to the transmitter and punch in with your finger stick. Only the start and finish are marked on the map and it is important to keep track of where you are.  To qualify as finishing you must find at least one transmitter on your course and reach the finish within the time limit. To calculate results -- first; the number of assigned transmitters you found, then; your time on the course. We offer beginner through advanced courses, Regular BOK fees apply, and Pre-Registration is required.

Latest News in Radio Orienteering

December 28th, 2021

2022 US ARDF Championship

The Backwoods Orienteering Klub is pleased to invite all ARDF competitors to the 2022 US Championships

  • Dates: April 7 – 10, 2022 with a potential practice day on April 6
    • Registration will open in February
  • Location: Prince William Forest Park, a USA National Park
    • The entire park is embargoed until April 7, 2022. Embargoed areas will be more specific once the event begins.
      • Participants entering the park prior to the event will be able to participate in the event but will not be eligible for placement or awards.
    • 18170 Park Entrance Rd, Triangle, VA 22172
    • The Park will be open from sunrise to sunset, and the visitor center 9 to 5
  • Organized by the Backwoods Orienteering Klub
  • Event types:
    • Sprint
    • Foxoring
    • 2m Classic
    • 80m Classic
  • Competition Categories
Women (W)Men (M)Age
W19M1919 and younger
W21M21regardless of age
W35M4035/40 and older
W45M5045/50 and older
W55M6055/60 and older
W65M7065/70 and older

November 6th, 2021

2m ARDF at Eno River Saturday, November, 13

2m ARDF Practice at Eno River State Park

Everyone is welcome at the ARDF event.

  • When: Saturday 13 November 2021
  • Registration required
  • Starts: 9 AM to Noon
  • Course Close: 1 PM
  • Format: 2m Classic
  • Start: Over the footbridge just northwest of O’Briant Cabin.
  • Registration: One of the picnic tables near the parking lot.
  • Exclusion zones: Start (750m) Finish (400m).
  • Course effective lengths: 5 foxes = 8km, 3 foxes = 5.2km
  • Fox frequency: 144.50 MHz
  • Beacon frequency: 145.55 MHz
  • Transmit power: 0.5W 
  • Antennas: Eggbeater
October 17th, 2021

ARDF USA Championships 2021 – Classic, day 2 results

The last day brought cooler temperatures and fierce competition on 80m and 2m. This time we were at the Robbins Branch Trailhead, which is the other end of the forest where we had competed for the previous three days. Everything went great. Here are some pictures of the last day: Thanks again to Charles […]

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October 16th, 2021

ARDF USA Championship 2021 – Fox-o

On Saturday we shifted gears to do fox-orienteering. Dave Waller designed some challenging courses for us. Several competitors complained that the frequency on some transmitters was slightly off, enough that the transmitters couldn’t be heard on the nominal frequency. We are investigating that issue. Results: ARDF 2021 US & Region 2 Championship – Fox-o, Results […]

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October 15th, 2021

ARDF USA Championships 2021 – Classic, day 1 results

On Friday we started the classic events. Half of the field competed on 80m while the others did 2m. Results: ARDF 2021 US & Region 2 Championship – Classic, Results 2021-10-15 2m M-21 180 min (6 Controls) 1 Eduard Nasybulin   6 p (92:46) 7207970 2 Norbert Linke   6 p (109:06) 830320 3 William […]

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