Finger Stick Purchase & Information

Electronic Timing using Finger Sticks

We are using electronic timing at all our events, and that requires that each person have a “finger stick” also known as an “SI- Card”.

You can rent a Finger Stick at any event for $5 or
purchase one either here or at your next event for $40.

(If you purchase your Finger Stick in advance we will personalize it before the event.  If you purchase it at an event you can use a rental stick without charge.  then we will  personalize for you and you can pick it up  at the next event.)

We encourage you to purchase your own so when your results print out at the event your name will be included rather than just “BOK Rental”.  (In addition it pays for itself in 8 events and it helps the event director so your name is entered in the results automatically rather than needing to be typed in.)

You may purchase your own Finger Stick using our BOK Store .  You can choose the name you want on the stick, and you can pick it up at the next event.  (If for some reason your stick isn’t ready for you at the next event we will loan you a rental without charge.)

More Information about BOK Compatibility and other SI-Card Options

Our control station equipment is compatible with all the SI cards used in North America, and you can purchase any of the cards sold by the Orienteering Vendors in the USA to use at our events.  There are two basic cards sold in the USA.

The SI-Card 5 which holds 30 controls and responds in 330 ms.  It holds no personal information, just a serial number.  It currently sells for $31-$34

The SI-Card 6 which holds 64 controls, responds in 130 ms and also holds your personal data.  It currently sells for $57-$63

As you might expect, BOK is going to use a slightly different card, the SI-Card 8.  This is the fastest card at only 115 ms.  It holds 30 controls as well as your Name.  We will be selling them for $37 each. (However it does not work with the older control stations… see below.)

Current 7/8 Station

Control Station 7/8

Our SI-cards 8 will work at all events which use the BSF-8 or BSF-7 control station.  These are by far the most common in use in the US however some clubs still have old Control Stations (BSF-6) in use which are not compatible with the SI-8 cards (finger sticks.)   If you are traveling to an event you should make sure they are using the version 7 or 8 control stations or have SI-5 or SI-6 cards available for  your use.  The older version (BSF-6) as well as the upgraded BSF7 are larger and has squared off corners as shown below.

(Don’t worry about compatibility these older controls aren’t around any more.) This is what the older Control Stations look like though some may be red instead of black.  Many have been upgraded to BSF-7 which is identical in function to the BSF-8.  When in doubt be sure to ask the event director when you register for an “away” event that will be using electronic punching.

BOK uses the following equipment from SportIdent:

  • Finger Sticks – SI-Card DI-8  (any other SI-card will also work in our control stations)
  • Control stations – BSF8-DB Control Station, Red, Bottom Display
  • Download station – 13200 Printout Master Station si/bs7-p

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