Shackleford Island, March 2023

Filed under: BOK Information,Latest News by David Waller on January 19th, 2023

For the past few years, we have had a weekend of stunningly spectacular orienteering and camaraderie on the NC coast in early February.  This year we are planning this weekend to be later — March 11 & 12 — hopefully to capitalize on weather that is agreeable enough to camp overnight on Shackleford Island between the planned Saturday and Sunday events.  Those who camp on the island will also be able to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime night event on Shackleford Saturday night. 

Although we have not yet obtained park approval for this event, there is no indication that we won’t, and people who are interested in coming to it might want to block March 11 and 12 out on their schedule, and plan their lodging that weekend.  The main decision is whether to camp on the island and thus be able to do the night-O.  If you’re not into camping, you can rent a cozy Airbnb in Beaufort and take the ferry to Shackleford on both Saturday and Sunday.  Both the Saturday and Sunday events will start on the west side of Shackleford, and can be accessed by the Beaufort ferry.  A raucous get-together at a Beaufort tavern will be planned for Sunday afternoon, after we all return from the island.

Expect a more detailed event announcement after we have received official approval from the park.

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