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Backwoods Orienteering Klub, founded November 15, 1978 sponsors events and teaches orienteering in the North Carolina piedmont, around Raleigh, NC.

We invite you to try orienteering with us. Everyone is welcome at all our events. We always offer beginning, intermediate, advanced and expert courses (routes through the woods) at every Regular event.

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November 28th, 2021

Expert Event as Eno River Park – Dec 5, 2021

On Sunday, December 5 we will have an orienteering event in Eno River State Park (Cole Mill Road access).  The event is open only to ‘expert’ orienteers – those who have successfully completed a brown, green, or red course.  The registration page is here. There are two start windows to chose from.

Courses: Red (7.3km, 22cp), Green (5.8km, 17cp), Brown (3.8km, 11cp).

No river crossings will be required.

Check-in at the shelter near Bobbitt Hole parking lot (GPS coordinates = 36.058153, -78.980601) to receive your map.  Note that this is NOT our usual Eno River park location – it’s a separate south eastern portion of the park.

There are 2 small parking lots: one just across the shelter and another one a few hundred meters further down the road. It is quite possible that both parking lots will be full when you arrive. In that case, the park allowed us to park on a shoulder of the INBOUND lane side of the road. Try not to block the road when doing so. Also do not block the metal gate that opens to the powerline (it must be accessible in order to respond to any potential emergencies).

We will implement the following procedures to help with social distancing.

1.  When you register, you must select a specific 30-minute start window between 12 PM and 1:00 PM.  When 25 people have chosen a window, it will be closed.

2.  All courses will have a remote start and finish.

3.  Masks are required at the registration area.

You must preregister for this event here before 5:00 PM on Friday Dec 3, so that we know how many maps to print. 

Vladimir and Tatyana

November 15th, 2021

Results — Eno Quarry, 14 Nov 2021

It was a perfect day for orienteering, and we were treated to a new map of the Quarry section of Eno River State park.  The courses visited several interesting historic sites as well as the intricate pattern of ditches, marshes, and earth walls use to control water flow around the quarry in the past.  Runners […]

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November 14th, 2021

ARDF 2m Results at Eno 11/13/21

Charles set some challenging 2m courses. The weather was perfect, and Eno was super crowded. A couple of people went out just to see what ARDF is all about or to take bearings and study reflections. Eno River ARDF 2m, Results 2021-11-13   ARDF Short 300 min 3 Controls + Beacon 1 2005018 Nadia Scharlau […]

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November 12th, 2021

BOK 2021 Annual Meeting

BOK 2021 Annual Meeting 11/9/2021 7:00pm

Using Google Meet

Present: Charles and Nadia Scharlau, Gheorghe Fala, Dave Waller, Ian Shields, Imre Polik, Jonathan Kross, Joseph Huberman, Ruth Bromer, Kelly and Patrick Sears, Lina Lindberg, Matt and Adalia Craig, Mihai Ibanescu, Paul Emmerson, William Allen

Joseph’s remarks:

We had a great year, despite covid, we hosted 30 events with 18 event directors.  Thank you to our event directors: Adalia, Carl, Charles, Dave, Gheorghe, Ian, Imre, Joseph, Kelly, Lina, Matt, Mihai, Patrick, Paul, Ruth, Tanya, Vladimir, William


We collected just over $8000 from annual passes and event registrations. Our event costs were about $2600 so we made $5600 profit on our regular events and $1640 on ARDF Champs.

Mapping Plans

Dave is planning to map New Hope overlook (Lake Jordan)

Other areas to consider mapping:
Cedar Rock park (Alamance), which has a nature preserve nearby

Falls Lake could be remapped. It needs to be reevaluated to determine if it is runnable at all?

Covid policies: 

Enforcing vaccinations/masks and distance requirements will be up to the Event Director

We are removing the following policies:
We will not have beginner classes or courses
Bring wipes to sanitize the receivers before and after use.

We are modifying:
“Everyone must wear a mask without a vent covering nose and mouth except when running on the course.” .

2022 BOK Covid Policy

  • Everyone must wear a mask without a vent covering their nose and mouth and keep a 2m distance from others when at Registration, Download, and when attending a Class.
  • All registrations will be online
  • Entry times and numbers are limited. 
    • See event article for information, and choose the time for your preferred arrival when you register.
  • There will be a remote Start and Finish
  • When renting ARDF receivers you should bring your own headphones

Event reporting

The form was only used by a small fraction of meet directors. The form will be simplified so everyone can use it for reporting starts for OUSA fees and reimbursement to event directors. The Simplified Form link is on our website sidebar under “Event Director Resources”.

Limited participants/parking at venues

Raven Rock parking is greatly reduced because of the closure of the overflow parking area.  If there are limited registrations at venues, event directors can hold the same event with the same courses for two days. This has worked well at Gray Owl so we can expand it to other venues.

Permanent courses:

Permanent courses at both Lake Crabtree (Dave), and Bond Park (Mihai), are underway. We will investigate putting out a course at Eno River? Ecwid has a way to sell file downloads, so we can sell the course maps in our store. We also discussed more use of virtual courses.

Hosting an OUSA National Ranking Event

We considered hosting the OUSA Masters Championship 2022 or 2023.  We decided not to apply for it, and we will reconsider it at our next annual meeting


Joseph suggested buying 2m receivers for the club, specifically:

6 x Superfox 145M receivers from Jiri (OK2BWN) , ~$269 each plus $20 for headphones with the DIN connector. This was approved.

OUR tablet is acting unreliably.  We decided to get a new one and see if we can fix the current one and use it for backup. Also, to have a complete backup set, we should get a new printer and download box. Approved (Ian)


We decided to upgrade to a higher tier so that we can have inventory levels on options (think: start times, T-shirt sizes, etc.) $200, approved

Election of officers:

Lina (until 2023), Ian and Dave (both until 2024) reelected for another 3 years (Motion by Joseph, seconded by Ian)

2022 Calendar

We created a calendar with 44 event days including 16 Open, 7 Advanced, 9 ARDF, 5 Expert, 1 Night, 1 Urban, 1 Relay.  Also 5 ARDF classes, and tentatively 4 days of the ARDF champs in VA. The events will need to be approved, and changes may be necessary.

Jul 10 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMAdvancedAnderson ParkPending ApprovalDave
Aug 20 2022 (Sat)9:00 PMAdvancedBond ParkPending ApprovalMatt
Sep 18 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMAdvancedCarolina North ForestPending ApprovalDave
Apr 24 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMARDF Open 80mCarolina North ForestPending ApprovalPatrick & Kelly
Mar 05 2022 (Sat)8:00 PMNight-OCarolina North ForestPending ApprovalBrian & Robert
Apr 10 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenCarolina North ForestPending ApprovalVladimir & Tanya
Dec 11 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenCarolina North ForestPending ApprovalVladimir & Tanya
Jan 01 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMRelayDorothea DixPending ApprovalMatt
Sep 25 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMARDF 2mEno River State ParkPending ApprovalPatrick & Kelly
Dec 04 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMExpertEno River State ParkPending ApprovalDave
Mar 13 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenEno River State ParkPending ApprovalGheorghe & Dave
Jan 08 2022 (Sat)12:00 PMOpenGray OwlApprovedJoseph & Ruth
May 15 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenGray OwlApprovedJoseph & Ruth
Jan 09 2022 (Sun)12:00 PMOpen & ARDF SprintGray OwlApprovedJoseph & Ruth
May 14 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMOpen + ARDFGray OwlApprovedJoseph & Ruth
Apr 03 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMAdvancedHorton Grove Nature PreservePending ApprovalLina
May 01 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMExpertLake CrabtreePending ApprovalJeff & Debra
Jun 26 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpen SprintLake CrabtreePending ApprovalMatt
Oct 15 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMUrban Score-ONorth Cary ParkPending ApprovalImre
Feb 27 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMAdvancedOcconneechee MountainPending ApprovalVladimir & Tanya
Jun 05 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMARDF OpenRaven RockPending ApprovalCharles & Nadia
Mar 20 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMExpertSchenckPending ApprovalMihai
Aug 14 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenSchenckPending ApprovalMihai
Feb 05 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMExpertShackleford BanksPending ApprovalDavid
Jun 12 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMAdvancedSugg FarmPending ApprovalVladimir & Tanya
Feb 06 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMExpertTBAPending ApprovalDavid
Feb 20 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMARDFUmstead NorthPending ApprovalCharles
Sep 11 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenUmstead NorthPending ApprovalLina
Oct 09 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenUmstead NorthPending ApprovalGheorghe & Mihai
Jan 23 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenUmstead SouthPending ApprovalIan & Paul
Nov 13 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpenUmstead SouthPending ApprovalIan & Paul
Jan 22 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMOpen + ARDFUmstead SouthPending ApprovalIan & Paul
Nov 12 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMOpen + ARDFUmstead SouthPending ApprovalIan & Paul, Charles & Nadia
Apr 09 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMARDF ClassUmstead WestPending ApprovalNadia
Apr 16 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMARDF ClassUmstead WestPending ApprovalNadia
Oct 22 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMARDF ClassUmstead WestPending ApprovalNadia
Oct 29 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMARDF ClassUmstead WestPending ApprovalNadia
Nov 05 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMARDF ClassUmstead WestPending ApprovalNadia
Jul 17 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpen ARDFUmstead WestPending ApprovalCharles & Nadia
Mar 24 2022 (Thu)10:00 AMOpen ARDF ChampsVirginia, USAPending ApprovalJoseph & Charles
Mar 25 2022 (Fri)10:00 AMOpen ARDF ChampsVirginia, USAPending ApprovalJoseph & Charles
Mar 26 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMOpen ARDF ChampsVirginia, USAPending ApprovalJoseph & Charles
Mar 27 2022 (Sun)10:00 AMOpen ARDF ChampsVirginia, USAPending ApprovalJoseph & Charles
Feb 19 2022 (Sat)10:00 AMAdvancedWhite Pines Nature PreservePending ApprovalDavid
November 11th, 2021

2021-11-09 OLLI Orienteering Results

On Tuesday Nov 9, we taught an in-person class for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) students at NCSU’s McKimmon center, followed by a white and yellow course at Schenck forest. David Waller and I taught a similar class a few years ago, so it was nice to be back doing it again. We had perfect […]

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