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Backwoods Orienteering Klub, founded November 15, 1978 sponsors events and teaches orienteering in the North Carolina piedmont, around Raleigh, NC.

We invite you to try orienteering with us. Everyone is welcome at all our events. We always offer beginning, intermediate, advanced and expert courses (routes through the woods) at every Regular event.

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February 19th, 2020

Advanced event Carolina North Forest March 1st

We are hosting an advanced event at Carolina North Forest on Sunday March 1st. There will be four different courses offered:

Orange, intermediate, 3.5 km (description of “orange” level below)

Brown , advanced, 3.8 km

Green, advanced, 5.4 km

Red, advanced, 6.6 km

Event begins at noon and everyone must be back by 3:00pm when control pick up begins. There will be no beginners class offered. Start and finish is adjacent to Seawell Elementary Schools parking lot. Address is 9115 Seawell School Rd, Chapel Hill, NC.

You must pre-register for this event here, no later than Friday Feb 28 at 6:00pm do be guaranteed a map. If you register late you are welcome to show up, but you may have to wait for the first finisher to return with a map.

Park guidelines are that all pets must be leashed.

Orange Course — for the intermediate orienteer

Choose this intermediate course if you are moderately experienced with orienteering, you have mastered the White course, and have done a few Yellow courses very comfortably.

Before starting you should know:

how to navigate with or without a “handrail”.

how to select and use “collecting features” and “catching features”.

how to follow a compass bearing.


Lina L

February 18th, 2020

Open ARDF Ranking Event & Expert Long Form Orienteering at Umstead North

This is preliminary information. Stay tuned for updates.

  • When: March 15, 2020 Courses open from Noon – 3:30 pm
  • Location: Umstead North, Sycamore Creek Parking Area

We will have Beginner ARDF (Radio-O) through Expert ARDF as well as Expert Long Orienteering courses.


The Beginner and Intermediate ARDF courses will use the low power transmitters on a 2.5 minute cycle. There are 5 foxes and an Effective Length of 3.7k. Effective_Length=Length+(Climb*10) . Each transmitter will be on for 30 seconds before the next one starts. That is plenty of time to get a bearing and you don’t need to wait so long for it to come back on again.

We will have 80m Receivers for rent and instruction on how to use them throughout the event. This is a good event for you to try out Radio Orienteering because we are offering a classic beginner course.

Expert ARDF Ranking Event

This will be an ARDF Ranking Event for the following Categories:

  • ARDF Red 5 Foxes – Effective Length 8k, 5 Foxes
    • M40, M19
  • ARDF Green L 5 Foxes – Effective Length 7.7k, 5 Foxes
    • W21
  • ARDF Green S 4 Foxes – Effective Length 7.2k, 4 Foxes
    • W19, W35, M50
  • ARDF Brown L 3 Foxes – Effective Length 5.7k, 3 Foxes
    • W45, M60
  • ARDF Brown S 3 Foxes – Effective Length 4.7k, 3 Foxes
    • W55, W65, M70 

The Advanced and Expert ARDF courses will use 3 watt transmitters and they will be on the standard 5 minute cycle with each transmitter on for 1 minute at a time.

Long Form Orienteering

Long Form Orienteering has long legs and fewer controls. Route choice is thus more important.

There will be a 9.1k Red course with 6 legs ranging from 800m to 2.4k. The 7k Green course with 5 legs is similar except for one short 600m leg. The Brown course is a 6 leg classic format at 3.9k. Unfortunately it doesn’t lend itself to the long form.

February 16th, 2020

Open Event in Umstead North, Feb 23

We will have an OPEN event at Umstead Park (North) starting at Noon on Sunday, February 23, 2020. Everyone is welcome, and we will have a beginners class at 12:30.

If you are new to orienteering, please see our newcomer page. I have also created a newcomer guide which will be available at the start of the event to help you navigate on-site registration and participation. It’s available here.

We will have all regular courses from beginner to expert, White through Red. Additionally, this event will feature a special orange-level course printed without any man-made objects (no roads, buildings, etc). So advanced orienteers may wish to try this after completing their regular course, as an additional challenge. If you think you might want to try it, please add this to your registration so I will know how many maps to print.

Don’t forget to register and pay here. (Even annual pass holders need to register so we can print your map). Registrations received after noon Friday (21 Feb) cannot be guaranteed a map.

We have a fillable PDF contact card which you can print and bring to the event to save some time at registration.

The entrance of the park is at 8800 Glenwood Ave. From the park entrance, go south past the visitor center to the parking lot at the end of the road. Registration and starts will be in the large picnic shelter east of the parking area. GPS coordinates: 35.871750, -78.760915

Event starts are from noon to 2:00, and everyone must finish by 3 PM.

Help with control pick-up would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Enochs

February 10th, 2020

Open event at Raven Rock February 16, 2020

We will have an open event at Raven Rock State Park on February 16 starting at noon. All are welcome. You will need to register at the BOK store by 5pm Friday February 14 as we are also working the JROTC event on February 15 and will have limited time to get maps printed.

There will only be a few extra maps. Registrations received after 6pm Saturday Feb 15 are not guaranteed a map!

If you are new to orienteering, please see our newcomer page.

The event starts at noon. We will have a beginners class at 12:30 (come by 12:15 to pick up your map before the class). Last starts at 2pm. Everybody must finish by 3pm.

We will have all regular courses from beginner to expert, White through Red.

  • White 1.6km 9 controls
  • Yellow 2.9km 8 controls (see note below)
  • Orange 3.6km 10 controls
  • Brown 3.6km 9 controls
  • Green 5.7km 14 controls
  • Red 6.6km 17 controls

Note that yellow will use linear features such as streams, spurs and reentrants as well as trails. Look for additional course notes on Sunday.

We have a fillable PDF entry form which you can save on your computer and print to bring with you to the event to save some time at registration. You can always find links to these in “BOK Information” links on the right of several BOK pages.

As always, help with control pick-up would be greatly appreciated.

Location: Raven Rock State Park Shelter, 3009 Raven Rock Road
Lillington, NC 27546

Ian, Paul, and Dave

February 4th, 2020

Results for Ft. Macon (02.02.2020)

Sunday was a nearly perfect day for orienteering — sunny and in the mid-50’s. Everybody, from beginners on the white course to experts on the 90-minute score couse, used a new 1:5000 scale map with a 1.25m contour interval. These map specifications allowed us to put a lot of terrain detail into the map. The […]

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