Dorothea Dix open fun event on May 1

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We will have an open fun event at Dorothea Dix Park on May 1, 2022.

Most of the park entrances are blocked until 11:30 but you can enter at Hunt Drive. There is a 5k at Dorothea Dix today. The mass start may be delayed.

Registration is now closed

There will be two courses.

  1. Beginner course in traditional cross country format of about 2.3km
  2. “Dog Bone” Score-O for expert orienteers with a one-hour time limit and the following quirks
    • Certain pairs of controls will be joined on the map with a boundary line marker. These are each one end of a “dog bone”. These will each have a higher value than regular controls but you MUST punch them with no intervening punches for the pair to count. So if 40 and 41 are a pair with 3 points each and you punch 40, 41 or 41, 40 consecutively you get 6 points. If 56 is worth one point and you punch 40, 56, 41 or 41, 56, 40 you only get the one point for 56 and none for 40 and 41. In other words, get the whole bone before punching at a fire hydrant!
    • Any control that is NOT included on your control description sheet is a “dog catcher” control with a 10 point penalty. CHECK CONTROL NUMBERS CAREFULLY BEFORE PUNCHING!
    • The straight-line distance to do JUST the dog-bone legs is about 4km. There will be about 28 controls altogether. SI-8 cards hold 30 intermediate times plus CLEAR, START and FINISH. Keep good track of which controls you have already punched!

To add to the fun we will have a short briefing at 11:00 to go over these rules and any other whimsical rules we happen to arbitrarily and capriciously make. This will be followed by a mass tart at 11:15 or so. If you can’t make the mass start you can still start any time before 1:00. This event is for expert orienteers (orange or above)

Start times for the beginner course are between 11:30 and 1:00. You must finish by 2:00 p.m.

Registration for this event is now open and required. Register in the BOK Store. Registration is now closed so we can print maps and otherwise get ready.

The start will be at the Lineberger Building on Warehouse Dr off Umstead Dr. GPS 35.770856, -78.658580.

Sorry about the late notice for this event but were we rejected by two other parks on this date.

Ian & Paul

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  1. I would like to sign up for the Dorthia Dix orienteering event. What is the location, time and how to I sign up.

  2. All of this information is in the post above.