2023-11-19 Horton Grove Nature Preserve Advanced Event

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We will have an advanced event at Horton Grove Nature Preserve on Sunday November 19. This event is open to all who have completed at least an orange course. Register for this event before Friday November 17 at 5pm.

We will have advanced and expert courses. Preliminary course lengths and details are:

  • Orange 3.4km 10 controls 1:10,000 (1cm on map = 100m on ground).
  • Brown 3.6km 9 controls 1:7,500 (1cm on map = 75m on ground).
  • Green 5.4km 13 controls 1:10,000 (1cm on map = 100m on ground).
  • Red 6.8km 15 controls 1:10,000 (1cm on map = 100m on ground).

Note that at the Annual Meeting it was greed to have brown maps use a 1:7500 scale rather than 1:10,000. This is the scale used for National Ranking Events (NREs).

Horton Grove Nature Preserve is at Jock Rd, Bahama, NC 27503. (GPS Coordinates: 36.142293, -78.843658)

Courses will open at 10:00 am and close at 2:00 pm. Help with control pickup is always appreciated.

Ian and Paul.

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