Open Radio-O/ARDF 80m Classic at Eno River State Park, May 21

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We will have an 80 m classic course at the Eno River State Park Few’s Ford Access on Sunday, May 21, GPS 36.0742 -79.0055. For more information about Radio-O/ARDF, see the BOK ARDF page. Starts 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The course closes at 3:00 PM.

We will be using the Jiri Marecek transmitters, which are likely the same transmitters and antennas that will be used at the World Champs in Czech Republic.

In order to be sure we have enough rental receivers we will be renting them for a morning session from 10am – 12:30pm and from 12:30pm – 3pm. (If all the receivers aren’t rented then there may not be a 1.5hr time restriction.)

Directors: Patrick and Kelly.

Online registration is required here. Please register by Friday May 19. There is no need to sign up for a particular course. Everyone gets the same map. If you are renting a receiver, make sure to bring your headphones. We’ll be using Patrick and Kelly’s course timing system, so you will not need to bring or rent a finger stick.

There is no charge for the beginner class, but you must still register.

The check-in is near the parking area just north of the restrooms. Maps and any reserved equipment will be available there. From our meeting place, you will have to walk to the start and back from the finish, both of which are on the west side of the Eno River. YOU MUST NOT RUN ON THE BRIDGE!

Beginner class at 10 am – 11am: There is no charge for the class and that includes the receivers for the class. If you also want to go out on the course you will need to rent a receiver. (The class receivers aren’t sensitive enough to use on the course.)

Course notes. The entire course is on the west side of the Eno. The homing beacon is the finish. There is only one control to punch at the homing beacon and it is the finish. There is no finish shoot. Foxes will be on 3.52 MHz, homing beacon on 3.59 MHz. There is a 300m exclusion zone around the start and around each control.


1 fox1.6 km
2 foxes2.0 km
3 foxes3.2 km
4 foxes3.9 km
5 foxes4.3 km

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