Radio Orienteering

Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF)

Welcome to Radio-O.  Here is how it works! We provide a radio receiver with a directional antenna, an orienteering map, a compass, and a finger stick. By pointing the antenna and listening to the signal you can determine the direction of the signal.  Using this information you navigate to the transmitter and punch in with your finger stick. Only the start and finish are marked on the map and it is important to keep track of where you are.  To qualify as finishing you must find at least one transmitter on your course and reach the finish within the time limit. To calculate results -- first; the number of assigned transmitters you found, then; your time on the course. We offer beginner through advanced courses, Regular BOK fees apply, and Pre-Registration is required.

Latest News in Radio Orienteering

June 16th, 2018

2018 US ARDF Champs Results

ARDF 2018 US Championships A tremendous thanks to everyone who put on the ARDF 2018 US Championships. We had excellent weather throughout the event until Sunday morning when we went through a downpour getting to the 80M event, but thanks again to the organizers for clearing out the rain for the duration of the event.  […]

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June 13th, 2018

BOK 2019 ARDF US & Region II Championships

The Backwoods Orienteering Klub proposes hosting the
2019 US and Region II Championships.

We propose two possible dates which depend on whether our Chinese sister club will be able to attend the event.

  • Mid to late June to accommodate the US school schedule
  • Late July to early August to accommodate both the US and Chinese Club school schedules

In and around Raleigh, North Carolina. All the venues are within a 30 minute drive from RDU airport and downtown Raleigh. There are many hotels and restaurants to choose from. All the maps are to IOF standards and previously used maps will be available to all participants.

Proposed Schedule:

  • Saturday: Arrival and equipment check
  • Sunday: Morning – FoxOring Practice ~3k Afternoon – Sprint Practice ~2K
  • Monday: 80m Practice ~4k, Blind ARDF Practice (sighted may participate blindfolded)
  • Tuesday: 2m Practice ~4k
  • Wednesday: Rest Day, Arrival, FoxOring & Sprint equipment check, Meeting
  • Thursday: FoxOring Championship ~8k
  • Friday: Sprint Championship ~3k, Blind ARDF Champs,
    Classic 2m & 80m equipment check, Meeting
  • Saturday: 2m Championship ~8k
  • Sunday: 80m Championship ~8k
June 11th, 2018

Results – Jun-10, 80m Radio-O/ARDF, Eno River

The event was an 80m classic and held at the Eno River State Park – Few’s Ford Access. It was sunny all day and plenty hot. We had ten participants and seven starts. Many people found the Eno River area quite challenging with the change in elevaiton needed to get from one fox to the […]

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June 1st, 2018

Open Radio-O/ARDF event at Eno River, Sun. Jun-10.

We will have an 80 m classic ARDF event at the Eno River State Park Few’s Ford Entrance at the parking lot at the end of Cole Mill Rd on Sunday, Jun-10. Everyone is welcome and we will have instruction throughout the event.  For more information about Radio-O/ARDF, see the BOK ARDF page. Starts 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Course closes at 3:00 PM. Remember there is a $5 fee if you need to rent a receiver.

Open event with pre-registration: Newcomers welcome — you don’t have to be a BOK member. Please pre-register so we know how many maps to print. Soon after registering, we will send you an e-mail letting you know that we have reserved a receiver for you. If you’re not a member of an orienteering club, go ahead and choose “Other O Club Member” anyway in the registration form. Here is a link to the registration page. Don’t worry about the “Choose Course” field; you can change it when you arrive on Sunday. Groups of 5 or more separate entries may register using the group registration procedure.

Courses provided: This will be similar to an 80m (3.5 MHz) classic ARDF course.

white 1 fox 1.7 km
yellow 2 foxes 2.5 km
orange 3 foxes 3.5 km
green 4 foxes 4.7 km
red 5 foxes 6.2 km

There is no brown.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools: Everyone from the CHCCS ARDF community is welcome. Note that this is not a school event. BOK fees apply. For more info about regular event fees, see What will it cost? Receiver rentals are an additional $5. Also, you must register with BOK, not on the usual registration page for CHCCS events. Students in middle school will need to go with a parent if they want to search for all five foxes.

May 28th, 2018

2018-05-27 ARDF/Radio-O Results

The event was designed as an 80m classic and was held at William B. Umstead State Park – South section. We had eleven participants and nine starts. Everyone did a fantastic job braving the hot and humid weather. Several people commented that the course was challenging and participants chose many different routes between the controls. […]

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