May 3 Event Moved to Gray Owl – Includes Advanced & Expert Orienteering and FoxOring ARDF

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on April 24th, 2020

Our May 3, 2020 event was originally scheduled for Schenck Forest, but the Forestry Department asked us to re-schedule and have the event when conditions improve, so since Ruth and I are living at Gray Owl now we are happy to hold another event there.

Our plan is to offer Orange through Red Orienteering courses and ARDF FoxOring.

Pre-registration is required and arrival times are being spread throughout the day, so be sure to register for the time you plan on coming by choosing the correct “product” which shows the hour in the title.

FoxOring is the event where there is a low power transmitter within 100m from where the control is marked on the map. You navigate toward the control location on the map and when you hear the fox you navigate to it using your receiver. If you are doing both orienteering and and FoxOring you should do the FoxOring first.

The FoxOring course has 9 controls and is 2.8k.

Advanced – Expert Classic Orienteering is being offered on Sunday. ARDF is being offered on both Saturday & Sunday. The Saturday ARDF event is a Classic ARDF, and the Sunday ARDF will be FoxOring event. Saturday and Sunday events must each be registered as separate events in our store. (Both events can be selected in the same transaction before checking out.)

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