Covid-19 Affects our Events

Filed under: Next Events by Joseph on April 20th, 2020

Many of the parks where we hold our events are either closed or not permitting organized events, so we may either move or cancel these events. Please check our website and calendar to see updates.

These are our plans for COVID safety:

  • Only 10 entries may arrive and start per hour
    • Choose the correct registration hour for your preferred arrival.
  • We expect everyone to maintain a minimum of 2m distance from others.
  • Everyone must wear a mask except when running on the course
  • We will not have beginner classes or courses
  • We will have remote Start and Finish
  • All registrations will be online
  • Results display will only be over WiFi
  • For ARDF events we will rent receivers
    • Bring your own headphones
    • Bring wipes to sanitize the receivers before and after use.

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  1. I recall there was another area in Uwharrie NF, probably still open
    but attendance was poor recently — too far and too scary for most. Sad.

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