ARDF Classic May 2, 2020 @ Gray Owl

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on April 25th, 2020

BOK will host an ARDF practice on May 2 at 1725 Gray Owl Road, Asheboro. We propose having a practice course that starts and ends at Gray Owl with a finish beacon placed there, and five transmitters spaced at least 400 meters apart and 400 meters from the start/finish. Foxes will operate like a standard classic event. There will be no marked corridors. The total distance for finding all five foxes will be about 6km, but everyone is free to find as many (or as few) as they like. Transmitters will be on from 10am – 2pm. The beacon will remain on until everyone has returned.

Pre-Registration is required. This is Advanced through Expert, and there will be no beginner instruction. BOK Social Distance procedures are in effect.

ARDF is being offered on both Saturday & Sunday. The Saturday event is a Classic ARDF, and the Sunday ARDF will be FoxOring event. There will also be an Advanced – Expert Classic Orienteering course on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday must each be registered in our store. (Both events can be selected in the same transaction before checking out.)

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