Advanced event at Carolina North (4 Sept)

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Registration for this event is now closed.

On Saturday, 04 September at 11:00 AM, we will have a 90-minute “Fox Chase Score-O” at Carolina North.  The event is open only to advanced orienteers (i.e. those who have completed an orange, brown, green, or red course) and who have received the Covid vaccination.   A “Score-O” involves a course with no predetermined route, in which competitors decide which controls they want to visit, and in which order. 

The “Fox Chase” version of a Score-O has two additional features that make it especially fun and interesting.  First, a punched control will score points only if it is followed by another punch (within the time limit) of a common control, #40.  For example, a successful series of punches might look like: 56, 40, 72, 40, 63, 40, 58, 40, etc.  The sequence: 56, 40, 72, 40, 63, 58, 40 would not score the points associated with control #63 because it was not followed by #40. It would score points for 56, 72, and 58, though.

Second, at the start of the race, the event director will walk at an even, brisk pace around the main loop trail on the east side of the park (aka, the Pumpkin Loop).  He will be carrying control #40 as well as the finish punch.  Thus, you must plan your returns to control #40 to a constantly moving position.  The route walked by the director will be marked on the map.  The loop will take approximately 45 minutes for the director to walk, so the event will be over when the second loop is completed.  (You can of course stop sooner and your accumulated score will still count.) 

We are requiring participants to have received the Covid vaccine for this event because it is dangerous for unvaccinated people to participate in an event that requires participants periodically to come together to a common point while breathing heavily.

It is important that you are at the park and ready to run for the pre-race briefing at 10:50 AM.  Park at the end of the dusty road, GPS coordinates = 35.936507, -79.066060.   If you arrive late, the event director will be out on the course and you will not be able to participate.

You must preregister for this event here before Thursday September 02 at 5:00 PM, so that we know how many maps to print. 

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