Results – Hillsborough street orienteering

Filed under: Event Results,Latest News by David Waller on November 12th, 2023

We had a great time on a new map of the town of Hillsborough. Eno River Brewing was a perfect location for our event headquarters. In addition to be very friendly and accommodating to us, their location was near Occeneechee state park, near downtown Hillsborough, and on the riverwalk.

Thanks to Imre Polik, who pre-ran the course, and provided ideas for map updates and scoring ideas. One of these ideas was to implement a bonus for clearing all of the controls with codes in the 30’s. This was a good idea, which helped to entice more people into the hilly state park, and ended up affecting a few of the results.

Kudos to Matt Kirk, who crushed the course, visiting every checkpoint in less than 2 hours. Watch a replay of Matt’s course, as well as several others, at our LiveLox site by following the link from this QR code:

It’s very difficult to write an entire set of clues that doesn’t present some problem for some people. This year, the worst offenders were the clue for #35, which was pretty badly worded (so I gave credit to everyone who was there). Additionally, #56 was hard to pinpoint (i.e., there were other potential answers nearby but not at the center of the circle.) Each year we do these events, we try to improve; so hopefully, next time we’ll be closer to having an entire set of unambiguous clues.

Results follow:

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