Night Orienteering at Bond Park – General Information

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If you want to run in the Night-O, please register no later than Thursday night. This will allow us to print the right number of maps.

To register, use this form:

We will meet Saturday at 7:45 in the parking lot at the Bond Park Community Center. Please use the street named “Maury Odell” instead of the (more frequently used) entrance right across from St. Michaels Catholic Cathedral, since the gates will close after dusk. Follow the orienteering signs.

We will have a mass start at 8PM.

Some general considerations:

  • Watch out for slippery conditions. Wet trails are muddy and more likely to make you slip. Do not trust wet wood (like roots or downed trees) any more than you would trust ice.
  • Have a backup flashlight. Make sure you have enough juice in both the primary flashlight/headlamp and the backup one for at least two hours of continuous operation (in case you get lost).
  • Bulky flashlights provide more light, but also a possibility to hit yourself with them (as history has shown). Headlamps (with bright LEDs) work well, although some find them not bright enough; they will, however, free one of your hands and that can help.
  • Make sure you let us know when you finished the course. Please do not leave the park without notifying us. This way we will know who is still on the trails.
  • If you can, please consider helping with control pick-up.
  • In case of wet weather: we will provide map cases, but please consider returning them at the end, so we can reuse them. If you wish, you can bring your own (new or previously used) map bag.
  • An emergency phone number will be printed on the map.
  • Bond Park is a fairly small map. At any time, you will be within 100m of a trail. For this reason, the controls cannot be hidden very well. This will be the first time we will do a Night-O course at this venue, using the new map; feedback about the course (difficulty, length, number of controls) will be greatly appreciated, especially compared to the previous years’ choice (Lake Johnson).
  • As usual, we will be using e-punches. If you do not own a fingerstick (SI-Card), you can rent one. Make sure you also carry a whistle.

The scoring for this event is similar to a Score-O, in that each control has assigned a number of points, and you have to collect as many points in a given time period.

With the exception of the long course, the order in which you collect controls is not relevant. However it is important to be back in time – the penalties for being late are quite severe:

  • 5 points for the first minute
  • 10 points per minute for the next 5 minutes
  • 15 points per minute for the next 5 minutes
  • 20 points per minute after that.

There will be 3 possible courses to choose:

  • Short course – The time limit is 30 minutes. All controls for the short course are on the Northern part of the map, and have codes between 40 and 60 (inclusive). The order in which you pick controls is not relevant.
  • Medium course – The time limit is 45 minutes. Collect as many controls as you can, the order is not relevant.
  • Long course – The time limit is 45 minutes. The rules are the same as for last year’s Night-O (which was at Lake Johnson). You will pick a parity (odd or even) and start picking controls with a control code of that parity. At some point you can switch to the other parity. For example, you can pick controls in the following order: 42, 56, 58, 48, 47, 64, 62, 59, 43, 35, 47. After control 48 (even) you mistakenly punched 47 (odd) – that’s still ok, if you continue with even then 47 will not be awarded points. Then you decide to go with odd, so you start with 59, 43, 35, 47 – notice you picked 47 before, but it did not count then; it does now. If you picked even controls again at the end, THEY WILL NOT COUNT. You can only switch parities once.

What the long course forces you to do is a two-step strategy: pick a parity, then the order in which to pick controls within that parity.

You do not have to commit to the type of course in advance, but you have to let us know at the end if you want your results to be counted as Long or Medium, since the scoring algorithm is different.

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  1. Here is another odd/even way to calculate points, maybe for another event.
    You can switch odd or even as often as you want, but only an odd following an odd or an even following an even count. Thus in the 2,8,4,7,6,10,9,3,5 sequence the only controls that count are 2,8,4,10,3,5.