2003 Annual Meeting

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Backwoods Orienteering Klub Annual Meeting August 21, 2003

Tentative Event Calendar




September 7, 2003 Schenck Forest Ron Brown
October 12, 2003 Umstead Reedy Creek Mike Sigmund
November 9, 2003 Raven Rock Al Geiger
December 7, 2003 Umstead Whispering Pines Joe Halloran
January 3, 2004 Lori and Brendon Lake Johnson
February 22, 2004 Umstead North Jim O’Donnell
March 21, 2004 Umstead North Michael Tharp
April 25, 2004 Raven Rock Al Geiger
May 16, 2004 Umstead Whispering Pines Gary Wiggins
June 6, 2004 Umstead Reedy Creek Artem Kazantsev
September 26, 2004 Umstead Reedy Creek Not designated
October 17, 2004 Schenck Forest Not designated
November 14, 2004 Umstead Whispering Pines Not designated
December 12, 2004 Lake Johnson Not designated

Membership To increase the convenience for our members and reduce the complexity for the meet directors we decided to raise the cost of member ship and make meets free for members. The new membership rates will be $25 for individuals and $35 for families. This structure will be tried for one year to determine the convenience and financial impact. Joseph will work with Ron to get the rate structure going for the September 7 meet.

Meet Fees The new rate structure for non-members will be: $5 entry fee (includes compass) $1 to purchase a whistle $2 for extra maps

A-Meet A tentative date of April 9 and 10 of 2005 has been set for the next A-meet. Plans are to re-map Umstead State Park and have the meet on the Crabtree Section. We will have to avoid using that part of the park starting in early 2004.

Board Members The current board members and their expiration dates are as follows:


Expiration Date

Joseph Huberman (President) 2005
Bob Smith 2004
Gary Wiggins (Secretary) 2005
Mike Sigmund 2006
Andy Huber 2006

Andy Huber and Mike Sigmund were elected at the meeting.

Joseph’s Absence During Joseph’s absence, Gary Wiggins will be Acting President. Joseph will have a phone and probably computer access so we will work things out as we go.

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