2001 Annual Meeting

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Backwoods Orienteering Klub

Minutes December 5, 2002

HandyO – Joseph is negotiating with a company to do the programming. The specifications are nearing completion.

Mapping of Hill Forest – Joseph scouted out the forest and determined that the site is suitable for orienteering. NCSU forestry staff have authorized its use. A cartographer has been selected and will begin work soon.

Orienteering Convention in Atlanta – We have been requested to host one orienteering meet in a series of meets preceding the convention. A discussion was held on possible dates and whether or not a one day or two day meet would be possible. It was decided that Joseph should have further discussions with convention planners about a possible one day meet.

Schedule – The schedule for the spring of 2003 was completed and the schedule for the fall of 2003 was begun.

Budget Report – The budget was presented and discussed. The Klub remains in good shape with sufficient funds to cover additional mapping.

Raven Rock Interscholastics – A tentative list of volunteers for coordinating the major components of the meet was prepared.

Directors – Two directors were elected to replace Bob Smith’s retiring term and Rob Stevens who is moving.  Bob Smith was elected to another term expiring in 2004, and Andy Huber took Rob’s place, with his term expiring in 2003.

Current BOK Board of Directors
Board Member Expiration Date
Bob Smith 2004
Joseph Huberman 2002
Gary Wiggins 2002
Peter Brock 2003
Andy Huber 2003

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