2004 Annual Meeting

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Backwoods Orienteering Klub
2004 Annual Meeting

1.  Rate Structure: As suggested at the 2003 Meeting, the new rate structure was discussed and all agreed that it simplified meet administration and was deemed successful. The rate structure will stay in place.

2.  Schedule: tentative for 2004 was set as follows:

  • January 9 – Umstead North, Joseph and Ruth
  • September 25 – TBD
  • February 13 – Umstead South, Gordon Pitz
  • October 9 – TBD
  • March 13 – Raven Rock, Al Geiger
  • November 6 – TBD
  • April 3 – Schenck Forest
  • December 18 – TBD
  • May 1 – TBD
  • June 5 – TBD

Due to low attendance at the meeting, meet directors and specific locations for most meetings will be determined later.

3.  Financial Report: Ruth Bromer gave the financial report. The Klub is in good financial condition.

4.  A-Meet: It was tentatively agreed to hold an A-Meet in the Spring of 2005 if the Umstead mapping project is completed and enough volunteers can be found.

5.  Klub Organization: In an effort to spread the work around, some discussion was held on establishing jobs and making assignments. Michael Madigan agreed to work on advertising events. It was agreed to post other jobs on the web to see if anyone might be interested.

6.  Board of Directors: Bob Smith’s term as board member has expired. Al Geiger was elected to replace him. The following table lists board members and their expiration dates.


Expiration Date

Joseph Huberman (President) 2005
Al Geiger 2007
Gary Wiggins (Secretary) 2005
Mike Sigmund 2006
Andy Huber 2006

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