2000 Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting Backwoods Orienteering Klub
November 16, 2000


Joseph Huberman, Andy Huber, Bob Smith,  Rob Stevens, Ruth Bromer, Peter Brock, Joan Brock, Steven Fishback, Gary Wiggins, Mitch Virchick, Mike Sigmund, Ron Brown, Jim O’Donnell, Jonathon Fitz-Simons, Jonathon McDaniel, Lori Huberman

Election of board members

Current board members are Doug Corkhill, Peter Brock, Bob Smith, Joseph Huberman and Gary Wiggins. The terms of Doug Corkhill and Peter Brock expire this year. Peter Brock and Rob Stevens volunteered to serve on the next board. They were nominated and their election was unanimous. The new board and expiration dates are as follows:

Board Member Expiration Date
Bob Smith 2001
Joseph Huberman 2002
Gary Wiggins 2002
Peter Brock 2003
Rob Stevens 2003


It was decided that the Klub should start requiring participants to carry whistles for safety reasons. The whistles will be sealed in plastic bags and sold for $1. If participants wish to return the whistles after the meet they can get their $1 refunded if the bag is not opened. The use of whistles will be promoted at the meets in November and December and their use will be mandatory in January provided enough whistles can be purchased by then. Joseph is going to price them with BOK information printed on them for promotional purposes.

Meet Entry Fees

The current entry fees and extra map prices are as follows: Members $3 Non-members $4 Extra maps $2

It was decided to reduce the member entry fee to $2 to encourage membership.


Joseph will talk to someone in the NC State School of Forestry to determine the size of Hill Forest and if we can map and use the area. Hill Forest is north of Durham.


The schedule for 2001 was completed with the exception of several meet directors. Meet helpers were designated for several events. Joseph will email membership lists to all meet directors so that they can seek helpers for their events.

Joseph is going to contact Superintendent Martha Woods at Umstead to see if we can park along Reedy Creek Road at Umstead West. If that is possible, Gary will contact the airport to see if they will let us resume holding meets on their property.

Peter Brock volunteered to direct a night-o at Lake Johnson in November, 2001.

A Meet

Several possibilities were discussed. One possibility is a joint meet with COK in Uhwarrie Forest in 2003. Joseph is going to contact COK to discuss that possibility. It will require a new map. The other possibility is a meet at Raven Rock either at the end of March or the beginning of April in 2003 if the Uhwarrie event does not work out. We will also investigate making this event and Interscholastic Championship.

Resolutions to be forwarded to USOF

Be it resolved that the USOF should move the F 50-55 group from the Green to the Brown Course. This resolution was approved unanimously.

Be it resolved that that the USOF should change the standard length of the Orange Course so that it is no longer than the Brown Course to facilitate training and greater orienteering participation. This resolution was approved unanimously.

Two Day Event

A two-day local event was discussed for this year. The idea was tabled for now.

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