1999 Annual Meeting

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Backwoods Orienteering Klub
Annual Meeting
December 2, 1999

1. The meeting was called to order by Joseph Huberman, Klub president.

2. The following were in attendance:

  • Joseph Huberman
  • Rob Stevens
  • Ruth Bromer
  • Doug Corkhill
  • Paul Gregory
  • Gary Wiggins
  • Joe Halloran

3. The meet schedule for the next few months was discussed. The following tentative dates and directors were selected

Date        Site         Director

  • January 9    Schenck Forest     Ruth Bromer
  • February 13     Umstead Park     Joseph Huberman
  • March ? ?
  • May 7 ?     Rob Stevens
  • June ? ?
  • September ? ?
  • October     Falls Lake     Gary Wiggins
  • November     Umstead Park     Paul Gregory
  • December ?     Doug Corkhill

Contacts were to be made with other Klub members to round out the schedule. It was agreed that meet directors should try to recruit other Klub members to help set meets and learn the process.

4. A discussion was held concerning the low number of Klub members. Some thoughts included:

  • Perhaps there should be more benefits for being a member
  • Someone should explore whether a subscription to Orienteering Magazine could be made a benefit of membership
  • Perhaps memberships should be free
  • Perhaps we should resurrect the newsletter and not rely entirely on the internet
  • Schedules should be posted in outdoor stores
  • This issue was not resolved

5. The A Meet scheduled for April 8-9 was discussed. The following tentative decisions were made:

  • The price will be $18 per day, $15 if USOF member
  • The price for age 18 and under will be $13 per day, $10 if USOF member
  • There will not be a lower rate for college students
  • Gary Wiggins was assigned to check out motels in Sanford for meet headquarters and campgrounds in the area
  • Joseph will be working on the awards
  • Paul Gregory will be working on networking
  • Ruth Bromer will be registrar
  • As the event nears, assignments and plans will be made for start, finish, results, etc. teams.
  • Doug Corkhill, course designer, gave a report on the map. Due to the size of the park and the fact that the northern part of the park is too storm damaged to use, the Saturday and Sunday courses will have to cover some of the same ground. Saturday maps will have to be held until Sunday. As there are new rootstocks not on the map, rootstocks will not be used for control locations. Avoiding trails is especially difficult due to the shape of the park and the trail network.

6. Klub finances were discussed. The Klub is doing fine financially

7. Garry Wiggins and Joseph Huberman were re-elected to the Board of Directors and Joseph Huberman was appointed President by the Board.  The current Board members and their year their term expires is:

Name E-mail Term expires
Peter Brock [CFP708@aol.com] 2000
Joseph Huberman [] 2002
Doug Corkhill [dwcatty@mindspring.com] 2000
Bob Smith [BobandSue@prodigy.net] 2001
Gary Wiggins [Magnoliamd@aol.com] 2002

A slight error was made, Peter’s term was expiring, not Gary’s.  To get everything straightened out Gary will take the three year term  he was elected to, and Peter, who’s term should have ended will extend his position until 2000 (since the bylaws say that your term doesn’t actually end until you are replaced).

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