1998 Annual Meeting

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Backwoods Orienteering Klub
Annual Meeting
July 9, 1998

Election of Directors
The current board members and the year in which their appointments expire were as follows:

Gary Wiggins 1998
Rich Baxter 1998
Peter Brock 1999
Joseph Huberman 1999
Doug Corkhill 2000

As Gary Wiggins’ seat and Rick Baxter’s seat have expired, elections were held to fill the vacancies. Bob Smith volunteered to fill Rick Baxter’s vacancy and Gary Wiggins volunteered to continue. Both were elected by acclamation.

Treasurer’s Report

Joseph Huberman presented and covered the treasurer’s report. The Klub had a number of one-time expenses over the last year. Major expenses were the remapping of Umstead, Schenck Forest and Lake Johnson. Nevertheless, the Klub is still considerably in the black due to map sales and meet fees. Any Klub member who would like to see a copy of the treasurer’s report should call Joseph Huberman.


New maps have been completed for Umstead, Schenck Forest and Lake Johnson. A new map has also been completed for Bond Park in Cary. Since we have the maps on O-Cad, we can make changes to them as the terrain changes or we notice map omissions or errors. Joseph asked that those setting courses field check the areas around controls and report changes to him. He can also preprint courses on maps prior to meets. Joseph needs 5 days notice to pre-print maps. The Klub has a number of old maps which are useless for meets. The Raven Rock base map is finished.

“A” Meet Plans

Tentative plans were made to do an “A” meet in April, 2000, probably at Raven Rock. The following volunteered for positions at the “A” meet.

Director Joseph Huberman
Course Designer Doug Corkhill
Start Doug Corkhill
Results Andy Huber
Finish Gary Wiggins
Registration Ruth Bromer


The schedule for the coming year was tentatively set. See attachment.


Discussions were held on whether or not to send the newsletter out on e-mail. An agreement was reached to give it a try.

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