2005 Annual Meeting

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Backwoods Orienteering Klub
Annual Meeting Minutes October 17, 2005

  • Klub T-shirts – Joseph will poll the members to determine interest in purchasing Klub t-shirts. If enough members are interested, a contact will be made with a potential designer.
  • Two board members’ terms are expiring this year, Joseph Huberman and Gary Wiggins. Both were re-elected. The new slate of officers follows:
Member Expiration Date
Joseph Huberman (President) 2008
Al Geiger 2007
Gary Wiggins (Secretary) 2008
Mike Sigmund 2006
Andy Huber 2006

Joseph Huberman and Gary Wiggins were re-elected as President and Secretary respectively

Semi-permanent practice courses – Artem K. agreed to coordinate setting up practice courses.

Gary Wiggins will coordinate intermediate/advanced courses, one in the fall and one in the winter.

Night orienteering meet. Florin D. agreed to be the meet director for the night meet. March, 18, 2006 was selected for the meet.

A Meet – An A meet will be held in the spring of 2007. Joseph will explore use of the USOF course design team to do the preliminary work and the Klub will do the event work.

Hosting the April 8-9, 2006 of the USA Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships – Charles Scharlau and Nadia Scharlau are the coordinators. Umstead has already agreed to the meet.   We will host a local meet on April 9 and coordinate. Joseph will contact USOF to determine if our Klub insurance can cover the event.

Make any policy changes – No policy changes were made.

The new Umstead map will be available in the spring of 2006.

A decision was made to buy 25 new controls. January 23, 2006 at 7:00 was selected as a tentative control assembly party.

The following jobs are necessary to set a local meet:

  • 1.Design the courses
  • 2.Field check the courses (reports changes to course designer). Sets advanced ribbons the week before the meet. Sets ribbons for controls on trails the Saturday before the meet. Hangs advanced controls on Saturday before the meet.
  • 3.Teach the class
  • 4.Set controls on the trails on Sunday morning
  • 5.Registration/Start/Finish
  • 6.Pick up controls

Ken. Hanson will put together a volunteer list. The list will be made available to Meet Directors. Meet Directors will contact people from the volunteer list to fill the jobs.

– The following tentative schedule was set for 2006

2006 BOK Calendar (Tentative)

When Where Who
January 8 Umstead Reedy Creek Artem K.
February 12 Schenck Gordon Pitz
March 18 Night O Lake Johnson Florin D.
March 26 Umstead Ron Brown ???
April 8-9, USA ARDF Championships Umstead Park Nadia & Charles Scharlau
April 9 Umstead North Joe Halloran ???
May 7 Raven Rock Al Geiger
June 4 Lake Johnson Gary Wiggins
September 24 Umstead Joseph Huberman
October 22 Umstead Michael Tharpe ???
November 12 Umstead Nadia and Charles Scharlau
December 3 Umstead Ken. Hanson and Terese Camp

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