Umstead South – Regular Event – All Levels – Everyone Welcome

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Everyone is welcome at this event.  September begins our “regular” season where everyone is welcome, beginners through expert.  We will have beginner introductory classes at noon and then beginner courses for you to practice your new skills.  The events start at noon, and you must be out of the woods by 3:00pm.  Since we have individual starts you can arrive any time between noon and 2:00pm, but it is best to come early so you won’t get cut short if you have some trouble and can’t finish by 3:00pm

Groups with 5 or more entries need to pre-register by following the  Group-Pre-Registration instructions.

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  1. Hi,
    I’d really like to take part in your 9/20 event with my brother. We’re total beginners but have spent lots of time hiking and backpacking in the past. Can you send directions and let me know if there is a fee? Thanks!

  2. This will be my first event and I’m really excited! I hope to learn a lot and see how well I can do! See you there!

  3. Kit,

    All that information is available online:

    Newcomer Information (on the main menu across the top):

    Event Locations (on the right column under BOK Information):

  4. Hey, I was wondering if you have to pre-pay or can you pay for everything once you get there. Also, do you have to select a starting time or can you start at any time to begin the course?

    Thanks for any help!

    There is no need to pre-pay. At the event you can purchase a membership, finger stick, and/or a single day entry.

    At our local events we don’t have assigned start times, so we will fit you in whenever you are ready to start. Remember though, you must be back by 3pm because we will start picking up the controls and organizing a search for you at about that time.

    If you are bringing a group with more than 5 entries, then you should pre-register using the Group Registration instructions.

  5. Ethan, you can either pay online (using Google Checkout), or you can pay cash or check at the event (that would be preferred, as we do get charged for credit card transactions by Google).

    You do not have to select a starting time – however you have to make sure you finish the course _before_ it closes at 3PM. So please plan accordingly, depending on what kind of course you choose.

    See you on Sunday!