Membership Renewal Time

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on August 27th, 2009

September is when all memberships renew.  You can renew either at an event (preferred, easier and no fee) or online.

Memberships run from September to September.  After March 1 they are half price until July 1, and then they are full price, but run until September of the following year.

Memberships are $35 for a family and $25 for an individual.  This covers your entry fees for all the “Local” events.  If you purchase a “Finger Stick” for a one time charge of $37 then you won’t even have the $5 rental charge.  Of course the real advantage is you don’t have to wait in the “pay” line at regular events where sometimes it is quite long.

Here is a summary of our event fees.

Membership Fees $25 Individual – one entry with one map per local event
$35 Family- two adults and minor children in the same family
Meet Fees Members — Free
Non-Members $5 (includes compass if needed)
Whistle $1 (Everyone must carry their own whistle)
Extra Maps $2 (Everyone should have their own map)
Finger Stick Rental $5

So don’t forget to bring your membership money to the meet on September 20,  (or pay online).

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