Score Orienteering Event – White Plains Preserve, 11 February

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On Sunday, 11 February, we will have an event at White Pines Nature Preserve, a 275 acre greenspace in Chatham County, managed by Triangle Land Conservancy.  The meet is open to any orienteer who has successfully completed an advanced course (i.e., orange, brown, green, red, or blue).    Start any time between 11:00 AM and 12:30pm (if anyone needs a later start time please let us know). Read preliminary details about the event format below,

Registration is now open.

Registration will close at 5:00 PM on Thursday, Friday, February 9th.

Preliminary details -subject to change. The event will take the form of a reveal Score O-event along the lines of that run at Schenk Forest last year. The Score-O time limit is likely to be 75mins. There will be 2 points penalty for every minute you are late coming back from the course (starting from the first second after the allotted 75 mins).

The map you will receive at the start will contain only 13 controls (out of 30 total placed in the woods). The rest of the controls will be revealed to you during the race. 5 out of 13 initial controls will be so called “reveal controls”. When you arrive at one of these controls you will find a small map which will reveal locations of 2-4 additional controls. You will be able to take this new small map with you or copy locations of the revealed controls on your master map and continue the race.

The Preserve is located at 548 S Rocky River Rd, Sanford, NC.  Immediately on entering the Preserve, turn left into the parking lot (GPS coordinates = 35.613548, -79.164423).  Map handout, start, and finish will be on the south side of this parking lot. Please note that there are no bathroom facilities at the park.

Help with control pickup would be greatly appreciated as we have to get all the equipment out of the woods to have it available for setting up the Gray Owl weekend events.

Ian and Paul

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