Results Radio Orienteering, 80m Classic, Eno River 2024-02-04

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We had a great day for Radio Orienteering at Eno River State Park, Fews Ford access. It was a little chilly, but the cool morning made for some fast Radio running. A big thank you goes out to Charles and Nadia for running the Radio-O Beginners Course. We had a great showing with several new folks checking out the sport for the first time. We also had a great turn out with 11 competitors running the 80m course. The course seemed to be enjoyed by most, with only a few comments/complaints about maybe a fox or two being too close to the hard-to-avoid power lines and a fox that might have been a bit too hidden, depending on which route you took. Another big thank you to Charles who set aside a lot of his own personal time to teach and show me how to put on a Radio event.

Eno River Radio O – 80m – Feb 4 2024 – Results

Long Course : 1-2-3-4-5-B :: 7.7km 

1Norbert Linke5 p(62:07)
2Imre Polik5 p(71:17)
3Erin Hammer5 p(101:28)
4Danilov5 p(111:11)
5William Allen4 p(82:28)

Medium Course: 1-3-4-5-B :: 5.9km

1Matt Craig4 p(69:38)
2Charles Scharlau4 p(70:15)

Short Course:  1-3-4-B :: 4.9km 

1Adalia Schafrath-Craig3 p(69:35)
Jay MackDNF

Eno River Radio O – 80m – Feb 4 2024, Split times

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ARDF long (5)180 min 6 C max 5 p  
PlName / ClubTime 
1Norbert Linke5 p (62:07)134(1 p)135(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
2Imre Polik5 p (71:17)134(1 p)135(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
 Backwoods Orienteering Klub16:4816:4820:594:1143:4022:4151:137:3360:379:2471:0710:3071:170:10
3Erin Hammer5 p (101:28)135(1 p)134(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
4Danilov5 p (111:11)134(1 p)135(1 p)132(1 p)133(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
5William Allen4 p (82:28)131(1 p)133(1 p)132(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
 Backwoods Orienteering Klub21:4721:4740:2718:4053:3013:0371:1217:4282:1911:0782:280:09

ARDF medium (2)180 min 5 C max 4 p  
PlName / ClubTime 
1Matt Craig4 p (69:38)131(1 p)133(1 p)135(1 p)134(1 p)136 Finish 
2Charles Scharlau4 p (70:15)135(1 p)134(1 p)133(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 

ARDF short (2)180 min 4 C max 3 p  
PlName / ClubTime 
1Adalia Schafrath-Craig3 p (69:35)134(1 p)133(1 p)131(1 p)136 Finish 
Jay MackDNF136 Finish 

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  1. Thanks for a great event and excellent course design!

  2. Thanks Jonathan!

  3. Thank you Jonathan for designing and setting excellent courses! And thank you Lina, for having Radio Orienteering be part of your event!