Saturday event — White Pines, 19 Feb

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Registration is closed (maps are printed).

On Saturday, 19 February, we will have our first event at White Pines Nature Preserve, a 275 acre greenspace in Chatham County, managed by Triangle Land Conservancy.  The meet is open to any orienteer who has successfully completed an advanced course (i.e., orange, brown, green, red, or blue).  White Pines is relatively small for an orienteering venue; but it is geographically interesting, and will provide some great orienteering opportunities.  The map will be brand new.  Read details about the event format below, and then register here When you register, you must select a starting time within a specific half-hour timeslot between 10:00 AM and noon.  When enough people have registered for a given timeslot, it will be closed.

Because of the small size of the park, the event will offer three loop courses, with map exchanges between the loops.  There will be a 2km, 3km, and 4km loop, all at the “expert” level.  Everyone will do the 3km loop as well as any additional loops (if any) that they register for.  This creates four overall course possibilities: 3km, 3+2=5km, 3+4=7km, and 3+2+4=9km, corresponding roughly to brown, green, red, and blue courses, respectively.  Those who do multiple loops will do them in a random order.

Another special feature of the meet is that it will be the 100th event that the event director, Dave, will have directed.  A couple of celebratory features are planned for after your course.

The Preserve is located at 548 S Rocky River Rd, Sanford, NC.  Immediately on entering the Preserve, turn left into the parking lot (GPS coordinates = 35.613548, -79.164423).  Map handout, start, and finish will be near this parking lot.

With respect to Covid precautions, please do your best to maintain social distance.  If you know that you will need to interact closely with people, please wear a mask.

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