Quidditch-O Report

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on August 10th, 2009

The first Quidditch-O was held in Massachusetts last Saturday.  The teams played two games of 45 minutes each.  Since everyone was an experienced orienteer they decided not to use Keepers, which was a position designed for Muggles (non-orienteers).

In the post game discussions the Beaters (who only caught chasers to get their controls) weren’t happy with their positions because the area was too large to go out and find people.  So their strategy was to hang out around the Start/Finish area and try and ambush returning Chasers.  This yielded a lot of hanging around doing nothing.

The solution that they will try next time is to not have Beaters, and change the rules for the Chasers so they can tag other Chasers if they aren’t carrying any streamers.  In addition, they can’t carry more than 6 streamers at a time.  This will keep them coming back to the Start/Finish to increase player contact.

The Beaters will come back into play when a Marauder’s Map is available with the GPS positions of the Chasers showing up on the map in the Start/Finish area.

BOK hasn’t played the game yet, but we are planning to when it gets a bit cooler, so we’re keeping track of how the game is developing.  You can see a synopsis of the game or read the revised after first games Quidditch rules.

Lori Huberman, the inventor of the game, has written a report on their first two games that you are welcome to read.

Here are some pictures from the event…

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