Open event at Eno River, January 08, 2023

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Registration for this event is closed.

Everyone is welcome to our event at Eno River State Park on Sunday, January 8. Check-in at the Fews Ford shelter, just west of the loop parking lot at the end of Cole Mill Road.  (GPS coordinates = 36.073616, -79.007005).   Please register here before 8:00 AM on Saturday, January 7.  When you register, please choose a half-hour arrival window between noon and 2:00 so that we can keep starters appropriately separated. (Note: The noon and 12:30 slots have filled and are no longer available.)

If you’re new to orienteering, sign up for the special noon timeslot marked ‘Beginners Only’.  This will enable you to arrive in time to get signed-in before attending our 30 minute beginner classat 12:30.  In the meantime, beginners can prepare themselves by watching our introductory videos at the top of this page.

The control descriptions for the beginner and intermediate courses will be in English. Advanced and expert-level courses will use symbolic control descriptions. If you need to brush up on what these symbols mean, you can do so here.

Make sure that you report back to the finish by 3:00, because we will begin clearing the courses at that time.

Advanced and expert courses will have a remote start and finish.  You must return to the check-in area after completing your course.

CourseColor nameLength (km)
Expert (S)Brown3.5
Expert (M)Green5.4
Expert (L)Red7.3

6 Responses to “Open event at Eno River, January 08, 2023”

  1. If this is my first time orienteering, do I need to sign up for the beginner course or can I try one of the longer ones?

  2. Hi Dan. If you have never orienteered before, I would definitely not recommend signing up for one of the longer expert-level courses. If you’re an adult who knows how to read a map and get around the woods, I would recommend signing up for the intermediate (yellow) course. If you finish quickly and it is too easy, then you can go back out on the advanced (orange) course. Either way, I don’t think that it would hurt to attend the beginner class — you would probably learn a few helpful things. But if the timing doesn’t work for you, you wouldn’t strictly have to take the class before going out.

  3. Can I do course together with a friend or group?

  4. Yes, you can. In that case you need only one registration and rent one finger stick. You can list your team members on the registration. We strongly suggest getting a map and compass for each team member.

  5. I think my finger stick fell out of my pocket when I was changing out of my wet clothes (somewhere in between women bathroom and parking lot)….in the slim chance someone regularly hikes at Enos River and happens to spot it. Tara

  6. Ugh. That’s really a shame — sorry! I expect to be back there tomorrow to finish up with control pickup. I’ll look hard around that area, but I feel like chances are slim. Let me know where you parked, so I can concentrate in the right area.