2023 New Year’s Farsta results

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About 40 orienteers decided to start the new year in the best possible way: by running a fun single-person relay course at Bond park in Cary. This has been a tradition for a long time: it was usually Josef Trzicky who organized these for us. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year, but his legacy of relays lives on.

Meet director Imre Polik holding the pre-race briefing

The forest was quite wet from the rain the day before, but otherwise it was very open and inviting. The meet director decided to compensate for the openness by placing the controls fairly low. This didn’t pose any challenge to the winner, Brendan Shields, who completed both laps in just over 34 minutes! Congratulations to him!

Brendan Shields about to finish (and win) the race

Everybody finished within the time limit and we even had time to chat over some cake and cookies. It was great to see some out-of-town people who came visiting for the holidays. Thanks to all who came!

Thanks to Dave, Paul, Ian, Matt and Silas for their help with control pickup. Special thanks to my brother-in-law for his help with logistics on the morning of the event.


1Brendan Shields 34:047200461
2Joseph Stevens 36:35+2:311120890
3Gheorghe Fala 37:09+3:058400555
4Ilia Neudakhin 37:45+3:412005032
5Matt Craig 38:41+4:377000530
6Vladimir Stemkovski 41:02+6:582005151
7Carteret 05 41:22+7:182121507
8Lori Huberman 41:50+7:462005006
9Silas and Matt Kirk 41:55+7:512114156
10Karen Strat 44:26+10:221120900
11Sam CoradettiBAOC44:39+10:357200411
12Mihai Ibanescu 46:59+12:552005141
13Carl Briscoe 49:23+15:197991965
14Varvara Vedukhina 50:32+16:282005031
15Carteret 02 51:37+17:332121504
16Nadia Scharlau 53:13+19:092005018
17Carteret 01 54:17+20:132121503
18Tom Strat 54:22+20:18255406
19Carteret 09 55:41+21:372121511
20Nadine Leisgang 56:24+22:202026367
21Joseph Huberman 60:37+26:332005005
22Adalia Schafrath-Craig 61:05+27:012049374
23David Waller 64:26+30:222006764
24Andrew Davis 67:28+33:24348912
25Carteret 03 68:50+34:462121505
26Andrea Polik and György Petercsák 70:33+36:292114135
27Carteret 15 71:16+37:122121517
28Paul Emmerson 71:59+37:552106552
29Tatyana Stemkovski 72:32+38:282005153
30Ruth Bromer 80:34+46:302005002
31Carteret 06 87:42+53:382121508
32Carteret 07 88:17+54:132121509
33Ian ShieldsBOK89:16+55:127028054
34Oros family 93:48+59:442005030
35Carteret 04 105:36+71:322121506
36Carteret 11 106:56+72:522121513
37Carteret 10 116:04+82:002121512

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