North American Sprint Series

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on July 12th, 2009

Our sprints are part of a North American competition for fun.  We are scored nationally and our competitors get national sprint rankings.  Here is how the scoring works…

Men and women are listed together.  For each sprint run, last place gets 10 points, and each person gets two more points than the person just behind them.  The total score is limited only by the number of people you beat.  For example if you finished fourth out of 10, you will have finished 7th from the bottom, so you will get 22 points.   If you prefer a formula it is:

Your points = (Number of solo finishers – your place) * 2 + 10

Men and women are scored together, however they are posted separately so that you are only competing against people of your own sex.  Unfortunately for us we don’t have lots of people at our sprints, so we don’t get many points.  Turnabout is fair play because it used to work the other way and the winner got 30 points and each person after that got 2 less points until all the points were used up, so at big meets most people didin’t get points.  Maybe next year they will figure out a system that is fair for big and small events together.  The scoring is  run by “The Deciders” who are doing all the work, so they get to make up the rules.

As of now our sprint results have not been tallied, but if you want, you can look at the North American results.

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