Sprint Event at Umstead North

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This is a sprint event at Umstead North. Everybody ready to do orange is welcome. No beginner’s class will be held. Don’t forget, you must pre-register for advanced events by noon on Saturday.

Please note that, because of the heat, we will start at 9AM, and courses close at 12 Noon.

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  1. I’m new to all of this. May I ask what to expect on this event? I would need to tag along with someone more experienced.


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    This event is for experienced orienteers who have completed our “Advanced” course labeled Orange (or above). There are no entry level courses at our “Sprint” or “Advanced” events.
    But please don’t give up. We have “Regular” events where people new to the sport are welcome, and we offer a free beginners introductory class at these events. The next “Regular” event is September 20, 2009 at Umstead Park. You can see our schedule and read about what to expect at an event on our website.
    Once you have been to our “Regular” events and developed your skill level to the Orange level, then you will be welcome at our “Advanced” and “Sprint” events. I hope to see you at our events this fall.
    President, BOK

  2. I am going to be down at Duke for a conference the week of July 20th and was looking into some training options in the area. Any possibility I could get a copy of the course map to train on? Thanks in advance…

  3. If you send a stamped self addressed envelope and $2 per map, I can send you some old course maps of Umstead Park. Each map is 1:10,000 and Letter size. for $10 you can get a 1:15,000 map of the whole park (13 sq km) on water resistant paper. You can purchase that at the park HQ (off of US-70) or send me a large envelope with postage for 3oz and I’ll fold it to fit.


  4. I’ve done orienteering for 4..5 years when I was a teenager. That was about 15 years ago. I am looking to get back into it.

    I think orange course should not be a problem for me.

    Also, I’ll have two people who are new to orienteering with me, but we can just run the course together and none of us care about timing/scoring.

    Would it be ok for us to attend this event?

  5. You can come to the event, keep in mind that you need to be back by Noon so we can pick up the controls. Also, don’t get discouraged if you have trouble finding the controls — if that happens, come to the September event and take Yellow.