No Bicycle Events 2021

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on December 24th, 2020

The good news is that the insurance policy from OUSA is in effect for Jan 1, 2020. The bad news is…

The OUSA insurance company has eliminated Bicycles from our policy this year because they are trying to minimize their liability and there are so many more claims regarding bikes vs Running.

In any case OUSA will pay the insurance for 4 bicycle events in 2021 so it would need to be a significant bike event, not just the addition of a few bikes. It comes to about $400 per event up to 65 entries.

We usually have bikes at our street events, and were thinking about beginning to offer bike events, possibly at Lake Crabtree, but we should probably wait until 2022 to see if the next policy is similar.

The other possibility would be if a bike club had insurance as asked us to put on “their” event.

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