New Years Day Relay 2018

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on December 28th, 2017

This is our annual Members New Years Day relay.  There will be a mass start at Umstead West at 10:00 AM, so arrive early for the briefing.  Come with a partner or pick one up at the event.

Be sure to register.

Here is how the relay works…  Each team is composed of 2 runners, to run 6 loops – three “Long” (2.4k) and three “Short” (1.4k).  Usually one person runs the Short courses and another runs the Long courses.  In this way all the short course runners have run all the same Legs, but not in the same order, and the same for the long course runners.

All 33 controls are packed into a rather small area (scale 1:5000) and are used in 6 courses, so there are lots of people running in various directions, and even when two of you arrive at a control together you are likely going to a different controls.

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