Results for New Years Day Relay 2018

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We had a sunny, but very very cold day for our New Year’s Day relay. Josef designed his usual challenging courses. Several people had to leave early. It was nice to see former BOK members Lori Huberman and Brendan Shields back for this event as well as Nadine Leisgang visiting from Basel.

Control #60 seems to have a clock with a mind of its own. It was erratically off on Monday by amounts that I can only say were variable. By today the clock was off by nearly three hours. I figured the best choice was to simply remove #60 from the two B courses.

I added the team numbers to the names in the results below, so if I made mistakes, please let me know. Right now it looks like no team finished both B courses, so we have no winning team.

Looks like there are still issues with the results. I’ll try and get them sorted out in the next couple of days. Need to design courses for Jan 21 right now.

I have now managed to solve the control #60 issue in a way that produces usable results. See Revised results.

Ian Shields

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