New Team Type – Scrambled

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on February 15th, 2010

We are implementing new fun Team Types for people who are not already in an official  intercollegiate team.  They are the Scrambled and Jr. Scrambled Teams.

To make up one of these new teams the members of the team must be from the same Club, College (including alumni), School, State, OR other classification deemed acceptable by the Chief Scrambler.  Obviously the Jr. Scrambled are all juniors, although exceptions can be made by the Chief Scrambler.

Teams will consist of 3-5 members with the top three times in each event counting toward the total time.  Any combination of courses can be on any team.

To register your team, email the Chief Scrambler by Thursday, Feb 18, 2010, and include the name of your team, the members of your team, and what classification you fit under.  Names must be 40 characters or less and include your classification  detail.  i.e. college teams should have the college in the name and state teams should have the state in the name.

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