March 31, 2019 Umstead South

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We will have an OPEN event at Umstead Park South on Sunday March 31, 2019. Everyone is welcome.

This is NOT a prepay event. Payment by cash or check can be made at the event. Note that registration fees went up to $7 on January 1. We have a fillable PDF entry form which you can save on your computer, fill in, and print to bring with you to the event. This form shows all fees. You can always find links to this form in “BOK Information” links on the right of most BOK pages.

The event starts at noon. We will have a beginners class at 12:30. Last starts at 2 PM. Everybody must finish by 3 PM.

We will have all regular courses from beginner to expert, White through Red.
White 2.1km 12 controls
Yellow 2.6km 11 controls
Orange 3.3km 12 controls
Brown 3.6km 9 controls
Green 5.7km 13 controls
Red 6.9km 15 controls

The yellow course involves being able to navigate using reentrants and streams as well as trails and other more obvious features. Pace counting will also help you be sure you are where you think you are. Please do a white course first if you are new to orienteering.

If you are stepping up to Orange, note that the orange course control descriptions use images rather than words. See Control Descriptions and Map Symbols Explained for some help and an online quiz.

If you are bringing a group of 5 or more people please preregister for this event NO LATER THAN 5pm Friday March, 29.

As usual, help with control pickup is a great way to hone your orienteering skills and help the meet directors.


Take I=40 exit 287 (Harrison ave) north to the park entrance. Go to the far end of the parking lot and look for the BOK sign. Take the path NW to the large picnic shelter where you will find registration and starts.

Ian and Pat

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