Lake Crabtree Event on December 2nd

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UPDATE as of Sunday morning: We’ve just spoken with park management and the event is ON. (Despite the possibility of rain and the fact that the mountain bike trails are closed.)


The bad news: complications scheduling the event with the park held up the approval, to the point where we almost had to cancel.

The better news: we will still have the event, but for klub members only.

Come enjoy a Farsta relay at Lake Crabtree!

The park typically closes the trail (and the park) if the weather is wet the days before the event, and the forecast as of Monday is a bit sketchy. We will post on the web site if the park denies us access, so please monitor the web site before heading out.

There will be a mass start at noon, please arrive a bit early for instructions.

A Farsta relay is a one-man relay where each participant runs two relay loops. The course is made up of intersecting loops. The number of shared forking controls determines the possible number of relay legs. For example, two loops with four shared fork controls gives 16 possible relay loops. Everyone runs the same total set of course segments eventually, but following might be very risky as two people may set off in different directions at a shared control. If two people want to run one loop each, that’s fine too.

There will be orientation to the event format and course assignment at 11:50 and a mass start around noon.

Course level is orange and there are 10 controls on each of the two legs. Legs range from 1.7km to 2.2km with a total for each of your two legs about 3.9km.

Start will be near the small amphitheater just east of the parking lot after the boat rental parking lot. This lot is the 5th driveway on the right after the park entrance. The park entrance is at 1400 Aviation Parkway (First light south from I-40 exit 285). There is a sign for the amphitheater trail on the east side of the parking lot. There will not be the usual BOK signs. There is no preregistration for this event. Just show up by 11:50.

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