Results – 20181202 Lake Crabtree Farsta relay

Filed under: Event Results by Imre Polik on December 2nd, 2018

After all the uncertainty surrounding the event we were glad to have 18 participants for the Farsta relay, all of whom started at noon.  

They went quickly into the woods and a short 15 minutes later Vladimir emerged as the leader after the first lap. (Little did he know what was to come for him.) The second lap was less chaotic, but there were some surprises at the end. Both Vladimir and Dave mispunched on their very last control. They assumed it was the same they had had for the first lap, but it was different. Both are very experienced orienteers, so this must have been caused having the final finish in sight. This cost Vladimir the first place.

Thanks to Brandon, Vladimir, Tatyana and Dave for control pick-up. Also special thanks to Ian for designing the courses.

Preliminary results. Time is total time spent on the two courses. We will have more detailed results in a few days.

Name Time Remark
1 Enochs, Robert 0:36:42
2 Wilkinson, Kevin 0:37:33
3 Thompson, Brian 0:38:27
4 Teale, Paul 0:41:17
5 Marincel, Joseph 0:42:23
6 Lindberg, Lina 0:44:20
7 Craig, Matthew 0:46:59
8 McConnell, Brandon 0:55:10
9 Huberman, Joseph 0:56:36
10 Stuart, Richard 1:16:16
11 Wilkinson, Mike 1:17:55
12 Bromer, Ruth 1:22:41
13 Stemkovski, Tatyana 1:35:12
14 Shields, Ian 1:37:41
15 Brown, Ron 1:55:07
Stemkovski, Vladimir 0:32:13 MP
Waller, Dave 0:44:45 MP
Kross, Jonathan 1:18:25 MP

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