Gray Owl Event and Map Critique 1/17/21

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on January 14th, 2021

To celebrate my first square kilometer of field checking I am hosting an expert orienteering event at Gray Owl this Sunday, January 17th.

There will be Brown through Red courses. There are many more features (maybe too many) so I can make complex courses to challenge you. You can register in our store.

At orienteering events most of us try not to criticize the map because we know how difficult it is to make a map. This event is different! I want your input. Finding stuff and getting it in the right spot is hard enough, but deciding on how to fit it on the map is more difficult.

A rock on a slope could be 1.5m on the downhill side but only .5m on the uphill side. Is it a boulder, a cliff, or nothing? What about a dozen rocks a couple of meters apart with most of them .5 – .7m with two of them 1.1m?

Anyway, I made those decisions and I would like you to run on the map and give me your feedback. You shouldn’t be running into unexpected downed trees because they are mapped if the rootstock is 2m and/or the branches are impassable.

  • Parking: Drive to the end of the driveway, turn around and park on the right side of the driveway heading out. Do not drive on the grass – you will get stuck!
  • Don’t forget to bring your mask and map case. Please wear your mask over nose and mouth whenever you are not out in the woods.

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