Expert event at Umstead North Nov 22, 2020

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We have reached the capacity in our permit, so registration is now closed.

We will have an expert event (brown through blue) on Sunday Nov 22 at Umstead North. We have approval for 25 participants only with 10:00 and 10:30 (sold out!) start windows. The current parking situation may mean that you have to wait to enter the park. If so, you will start whenever you arrive, up to 1:00 pm, if necessary. Courses will close at 2pm, or 3 hours after the last start if that is later.

Course lengths:

  • Brown: 3.7km
  • Green: 5.7km
  • Red: 6.6km
  • Blue: 7.8km

All the courses will be on the same map, so you don’t need to commit right now, you’ll be able to choose on the fly.

Register at the BOK Store. (The event is full.)

Map pickup and download will be at shelter #2 rather than the large shelter that we normally use. This is around the same parking lot that we always use. (When you enter the park from Glenwood Ave drive straight all the way to the end.)

Some notes related to COVID-19. Pre-registration to a particular start window is required. Please bring a face mask without a vent and wear it over your nose and mouth when around others. No mask, no map. Maintain social distance. There will be no beginner class and no white, yellow or orange courses. Please make sure to bring water, there is no water in the park.

Mihai and Imre

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