Club Shirts for BOK

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We have been considering BOK club shirts for a few years, but have been put off by the high cost of the shirts.  While we were competing in the ARDF (Radio-O) World Championships held in Bulgaria last month, Ruth and I met representatives of Siven, a Bulgarian company that makes high quality athletic shirts at reasonable prices, about $20-$25 each.  These are the designs that we got in Bulgaria, but they will help us with a unique club design at no additional cost, and they only have a 5 shirt minimum.


Siven has two different fabrics.  I have worn both.  The mesh is really cool.  Once it is damp the evaporation from both the mesh and my skin makes it cooler than no shirt at all.


The other fabric is very smooth and thin.  If you want to wear your shirt around town the smooth fabric is much more comfortable.  While it is still a cool fabric it isn’t air-conditioned like the mesh.


We would like to make design decisions before the end of the year, so we welcome your comments and design input.  Siven has a website where you can customize a design and you are welcome to play around with designs on the site.

Individual shirts can also be customized with your name.

Just to get a rough idea about how much interest there is please fill out this form.  There is absolutely no commitment, this form is just to gauge your interest in having a club shirt, and in what direction we should focus on.

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