Cliffs of the Neuse, Feb 06

Filed under: BOK Information by David Waller on January 30th, 2022

Registration for this event is closed.

On Sunday, 06 February, we will have a 90-minute score course and an intermediate-level (yellow) course at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park. (A ‘score course’ means that you can visit any controls that you want, in any order — but if you don’t return within 90 minutes, you will lose lots of points.) Cliffs of the Neuse is a new venue for us, and it will be our first official event there. Because it is new for us, and because it is relatively far away, the map has not been thoroughly field-checked — however, we are confident that it will be good enough to enable you to have fun.

Carl Briscoe will be designing, setting, and directing the event. When you register, you must select at 30-minute starting window between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. When 10 people have registered in the same window, it will be closed. Control pickup will begin promptly at 2:30. . Register here for the event.

The park is located at 240 Park Entrance Rd, Seven Springs, NC. When you enter the park, the visitor center will be pretty immediately on your right. Just past the visitor center, you should turn right and follow the road down to the large parking lot by the lake, where you should park. We will be in the picnic area northeast of this parking lot.

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