BOK 2017 Annual Meeting

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We met at Joseph & Ruth’s house on November 1, for our 2017 Annual meeting.
Financial Report was first on the agenda.  Ruth passed out the report and we saw that BOK is in a good position financially.  We decided that we should add an expense category to track what we are spending for equipment maintenance.
Next was the election of board members.  Only Vladimir’s term was up.  Mihai nominated Vladimir, seconded by David and then Vladimir nominated Lina and Lina was elected for a 3 year term.  The current directors are:
  • Lina 2020
  • Ian 2018
  • Ken. 2018
  • Joseph 2019
  • Mihai 2019
We have extensive mapping plans for 2018.
Scout Camp Durant is currently being mapped by Dave. If we add Camp Reeves we will have a good venue for long courses.  We made an arrangement with the scouts to hold several events per year.
Dorothea Dix in downtown Raleigh.  Dave has drawn the base map using LIDAR and Open Maps.  This will be a good sprint map.
The North side of Eno River – base map exists, topo seems to be good quality.  This will be an addition to our existing Eno River map.
Other mapping that we are looking into for the future:
Brumley in Orange County – 2.5 sq. km. owned by the Triangle Land Conservancy
Horton Grove (N. of Durham – 2.8 sq. km.),
Johnson Mill (1.2 sq. km.)
Addition to our existing maps:
Refresh Umstead Park map – at least the “Bermuda Triangle” (just north of the Reedy Creek parking area) , but also the old trails.
Fill in the holes in the middle of Birkhead to complete the Wilderness map.
We are investigating hiring a professional orienteering mapper, possibly in conjunction with another club.
Event & Membership Fees
We decided that there is no need to increase entry or membership fees. However, we decided that when a non-member is starting on a second course we will charge an additional $2 whether they need a map or not.
Radio “O” is attracting participants.  We agreed to purchase 8 receivers to rent and earmarked $2000 for transmitters. Everybody who rents a receiver will need to bring their own headphones (3.5mm TRS plugs – 3 bands – no microphone). We will track Radio “O” financials separately.
We decided to increase the number of events, hopefully adding an extra open event every other month.  This is evident in our 2018 schedule.
We discussed what we can do to make holding an event easier.  The first idea was to have two people assigned to an event.  We also felt having three people to handle the registration, start, and finish would help the event director(s) and make the events run more smoothly.
Now that we have a small computer that has a battery that can run for a whole event we are looking into real time event software.  We want to research the existing solutions.
We also want to look at online forms for pre-registration and paying in advance to speed up registration at events and printing the correct number of maps.  We would like a committee to look into this and make recommendations.
We discussed the “Special Events” that we are hosting – Extra Long events and multi day events.  We decided that we should increase the entry fee, not just to raise money, but to increase the perceived value of the event.  We decided that there should be special discounts for members.
Much thanks to Mihai for taking the notes for these minutes.
Joseph Huberman, President, BOK

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