ARDF August 16 at Gray Owl

Filed under: Latest News,Radio Orienteering by Joseph on August 5th, 2020

The event will start at 8AM and Transmitters will go off at Noon. The beacon will stay on until everyone has returned. The location is 1725 Gray Owl Road in Asheboro, NC.

You must register for this event here!

Thanks for your input about start times and course lengths. Charles can now design the courses to create the choices we need.

The current plan is to have the start about a 1k walk from Gray Owl and the finish at Gray Owl. The swampy area in the north of the map will be out-of-bounds so that no one gets bogged down in it. 🙂

Charles wants this to be a championship level course with proper exclusion zones and start and finish corridors. Foxes will be at 3.54 MHz, and the finish beacon at 3.60 MHz. They will be 1-Watt transmitters operating into vertical dipole antennas. There will be an electronic starting “gun” providing start tones to inform participants when they may turn on their receivers and start.

The event will be open for a total of 4 hours. The first start will be at 8AM so we can avoid the heat as much as possible.

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