Expert event, August 25th, Eno River State Park

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On Sunday August 25, come out and enjoy orienteering on a brand new map of a portion of Eno River State Park.  Start any time between 10:00 AM and noon, but be off of your course by 1:00, when control pickup will begin.  This will be a smaller event, and will not offer beginner (white), intermediate (yellow), or advanced (orange) courses.  Formerly, we would have called such an event a ‘members only’ meet.  Thankfully, BOK no longer holds ‘member only’ events.  Now, anyone can participate in these events – provided that they have the requisite skills, and provided that they preregister and pay.  Note that even club members will need to pre-register.  This event is open to anyone who has completed an expert-level (brown, green, red, or blue) orienteering course. Please use this link to register and pay. Registrations received after 10 AM Saturday (24 Aug) cannot be guaranteed a map.

Park in the back parking lot of Valley Springs Park.  GPS coordinates = 36.054238, -78.961273;  Google Map here.

Three courses will be offered: (a) A 4.8 km course that involves crossing the Eno River on foot; (b) a 5.1 km course that does not involve a river crossing; and (c) a 3.9 km course that also does not cross the river.  On a typical summer day, crossing the river involves mostly refreshing calf-deep water, with a few possible steps that have water as high as your thigh.  If you’re deciding between the two longer courses, the coursesetter recommends the river-crossing one, which is a bit more interesting.  Note though, that if the river level is dangerously high, we will not offer the river-crossing course. Please register for one of these courses here before Saturday morning.  (If you want to run more than one course, email the event director Dave at

Below are a couple of small snippets from the new map. 

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