Radio “O” at the Advanced Schenck Forest Event Aug 19

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The event is confirmed for Aug 19!

We will be having a mini Radio “O” course at the event.  We will set out 3 radio transmitters and will have a couple of receivers for you to borrow.  You use the receivers to find the transmitters the same way they track bears with transmitters (only we don’t provide the bears).

ARDF is Amateur Radio Direction Finding, which is an international sport.  Joseph, Ruth, and Lori Huberman are on the US Team competing in Serbia this year.  BOK is considering hosting the 2013 ARDF US Champs.  This is your opportunity to try out this new sport.

This event is for advanced orienteers (BOK members who have completed a brown, green, or red course). Don’t forget, you must pre-register. There will be Brown, Green and Red courses available. The courses will be a bit shorter than usual, due to expected heat and humidity, but with a fair amount of controls. Thick vegetation, spiders and ticks (take precaution) are highly probable on all courses.

The courses will be opened at 10 AM and everybody must start by 11.30 AM and finish by 1 PM.
Help with controls pick up will be greatly appreciated!

Parking outside of the gate (as usual). No dogs are allowed (even on a leash).

— Vladimir and Tatyana

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