Lake Crabtree Line-O Advanced May 24

Filed under: Latest News by ian.shields on May 17th, 2015

We will have a Line-O event on May 24 at Lake Crabtree.

This is an advanced event for club members who are ready to do orange level courses or above.

Line-O is an event where the map will have a line which you must follow to find the controls which are somewhere along the line. No controls are actually marked on the map. You may miss one control. Rather than calculating penalties, I have decided to score goat-style, so there is no penalty for missing one control, but otherwise you will get DNF. The controls will be placed in ascending numerical order along the line, so if you find you missed one, it will be your choice to skip it or go back for this one and maybe skip a later one. Controls should be visible within about 10-15m of the line, but you may have passed a control before you can see it, for example if it’s on the back side of a tree. Controls may be at bends on the line or somewhere along a straight section, but they will be on features that you would expect for a normal orienteering event, boulder, reentrant, etc. This is a great way to improve your navigation precision.

If I have time, I’ll set out a three or four control model event where you can practice if you’ve never tried this before.

As usual for advanced events, pre-registration is required by Friday noon. We had some issues with the registration page earlier in the week, but registration is now working, so I’ll take registrations up to Friday midnight.

Ian Shields.

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