Schenck Forest Event this Sunday

Filed under: Latest News by misa on March 12th, 2009

This event will feature the usual White, Yellow, Orange, and Brown courses. Everyone is welcome, and we will have a beginners class at 12:30. The premier
course this month will be a Snooker-O.  This is a Score-O with a twist – snooker rules, sort of.

In the game of snooker (similar to pool or billiards) you have a number of balls on the table, but instead of all different colors, in snooker 15 are solid red and 6 are varied colors.  The red balls are worth one point and the colored balls have variable point values.  In snooker, you must alternate between sinking a red ball and sinking a colored ball during the course of the game, with colored balls returning on the table. The goal (besides scoring more points than the opponent) is to get the highest possible score.

In Snooker-O, approximately half of the controls are worth one point (red ball) and the balance of the controls are worth from two to five points depending on difficulty, distance, etc. (the colored balls).  In our game of snooker-O, you must start with a red ball (control worth one point), end with a red ball, and alternate between red balls and colored balls (controls worth more than one point) throughout the running of the course.  You may not score consecutive colored balls, but you may score consecutive red balls. In no case may you repeat a control (neither red nor colored – note that this is unlike the snooker rules).  The time limit is 60 minutes with a one point per minute penalty for late returns.

I need some help – someone to teach the beginners class, someone to help with registration, and of course, help picking up controls after the event.  I am
looking forward to a great event – not too hot, not too cold, and the weatherman promises that it will not be too dusty.

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