1997 Annual Meeting

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Backwoods Orienteering Klub

Minutes of Annual Meeting April 18, 1997

1. Rotation of officers.

When the Klub was incorporated last year three officers were named. Each is to serve a three year term. In order to avoid having all three up for reelection in one year the bylaws require that the positions come vacant in a three year rotation.

Position Current holder Year of reelection
Sec/Treas. Gary Wiggins 1998
Pres. Joseph Huberman 1999
VP Andy Huber 2000

2. Financial report.

The Klub has current funds on hand of approximately $16,000. We netted about $2700 from the last “A” meet, having expenses of $3400 and income of $5700. Current projects are the remapping of Umstead after Fran. It is estimated that will cost the klub somewhere in the $2000 -$3000 range, but all that is believed to be able to be immediately recouped through map sales when the project is complete.

3. Mapping projects.

The mappers will be returning in November and their first priority will be Umstead, although we will probably have them spend a couple of days updating Lake Johnson and Schenck Forest.[No discussion was had of Richland Creek, aka site of the NC State Jim Gym arena -ed]. The more work we have for them to do the better for us and them. Once Umstead is finished (again) we are looking at Raven Rock State Park. Also discussed is the area on the north side of Falls Lake that had been looked at previously. Another possible site is the Occoneechee Boy Scout Camp west of Carthage. Discussion was had concerning hi-tech printers and computerized mapping. No decisions were made.

4. Schedule.

Currently we are limited to where we can hold klub events due to the hurricane. Presently the only location remapped is the southwest corner of Umstead. The area is accessible from either the Reedy Creek parking lot off I-40 or the bend at Reedy Creek Park Road and Trinity Road near Schenck. Some future klub events will have their specific locations determined as the park is remapped. Those are scheduled as tbd (to be determined).

Backwoods Orienteering Klub schedule 1997-98

(Subject to landowner approval)

Date Location Meet Director
May 18 Reedy Creek/I-40 parking lot Rick Baxter
June 1 bend in Trenton/Reedy Creek Rds. Jim
Sept. 14 bend in Trenton/Reedy Creek Rds. Bob Smith
Oct. 4 (Sat) Pullen Park (kids event) Michelle Barry
Oct. 12 Umstead (tbd) Gary Wiggins
Nov. 15/16 Quantico, Va. (A meet) Quantico Orienteering Club
Nov. 23 Umstead (tbd) Artem
Dec. 7 Lake Johnson (depending on map) Doug Corkhill

5. Newsletter.

It was decided an issue of the newsletter needs to be published ASAP. Michelle volunteered to do one more issue. Craig Peppin had sent email from Germany volunteering to take over the newsletter on his return sometime this summer for at least one year. If Craig is unable or after his year Joan and Peter Brock expressed some interest in the newsletter. For the current newsletter Michelle needs stories now. If you volunteered to write something get it out to her. Michelle’s email is barrycary@aol.com.

6. Klub suits.

Discussion was had as to having new klub o-suits made by Treklite since it anticipated we will have a large contingent at the US Champs at Quantico in November. No resolution was made, although a general consensus was that we would keep the current klub colors of gray and red. No other vender of o-suits was discussed as making the klub apparel.

Minutes reported by acting secretary Doug Corkhill, April 23, 1997.

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